Although Muslims have been living in Western Europe since the 1960s, for a long time no one  seems to have noticed them. But when their number grew and Islam became more visible through the building of mosques and the establishment of Islamic institutions and particularly when incidents took place involving Muslims,  Islam and Muslims began to dominate the news media.  Although many Europeans do not have Muslims as their friends, they often formulate an opinion about Muslims and when they speak about them it is often in a negative way. Islam is considered to be incompatible with Western culture and Muslims are considered to be a threat to our national identities. Christians, who hear about fellow believers being persecuted in Islamic countries, also look at Islam and Muslims in a negative light and are concerned about what they consider to be an islamization of Europe. As a result they are hesitant to befriend the Muslims that live in their towns and streets.

But is our often negative view of Islam and Muslims correct or can it be that because of our colored glasses we only see certain aspects of Islam and Muslims and are blind for other aspects? Does God share our view of Islam and Muslims or do we need another set of glasses, which allows us to see Muslims through God’s eyes?

The course Sharing Lives is developed to help Christians look at their view of Muslims and encourage them to begin to share their lives (and in this context also the Gospel) with the Muslims that cross their paths. In five lessons, which includes a visit to a local mosque, we will look at our own hearts, reflect  on our attitude towards Muslims in the light of the Bible, learn about basic elements of the Islamic faith, and get some suggestions as to how befriend Muslims. Several times a year a train the trainers conference is organized somewhere in Europe to train people to become teachers of this material. The course books are available in English, French, Italian, Portugese, Spanish, German, Romanian, Finnish, Russian, Afrikaans and Dutch. More information:

The course Sharing Lives is now also available online. For more information and to  sign  in:

There is also a generic version of the course Sharing Lives, that applies the principles of Sharing Lives to all unreached people, not just Muslims. This material is available in English only.

Also a course Sharing Lives Young has been developed. Sharing Lives Young helps youth leaders to work with their youth of 15 years and older to build relationships with Muslims. The material is written in Dutch and can be translated.


What I gained most from this course is that Islam is not a solid block, the same for everyone, but a Muslim is a human being of flesh and blood, for whom Islam has a personal meaning. 

I have learned that Islam is not that barbaric religion as portrayed in the media or other avenues but rather a peaceful religion whose image has been tarnished by a few fanatics.

This course has really helped me to understand Muslim life.

What I gained most from this course is my ability to see Muslims as I see myself irrespective of the fact that we have different beliefs.

This course has helped me to get access to build relationship with Muslim friends.

This course has softened my heart for Muslims. This is, it has opened my eyes to the fact that God loves them too and He wants them to be saved.

I’ve learned that it is important to approach Muslims in a positive way, because it is possible to have conversations about our faith.

As a result of attending this course I will get Get in touch with Muslims in  my town. I already wanted to do this, but now I have a better understanding on how.

As a result of attending this course I will approach Muslims more openly and to put aside my prejudices and develop a relationship.

As a result of attending this course I will cultivate a friendly and cordial relationship with Muslims and my evangelism to them will be by my lifestyle portraying Jesus and the gospel in an attractive way.

As a result of attending this course I will embrace any Muslim who comes my way.

A small-scale course that helps you to understand the background of Islam and provides you with tools to evangelize them. A personal course that makes you think.

A Good course that teaches you to relate to Muslims.

What I will remember most about this course was the visit to the mosque; it was the first time for me and I liked it; I liked the conversation there.

I would have liked to learn more of the content of Islam; in this respect I learned not much new.

Similar courses need to be organized all the time. We need to translate what we are acquiring in a practical way.  Need to educate others about the knowledge acquired.

This is a very good course and has helped me to change my attitude towards Muslims as bad people.

The course is an eye-opener. That Muslims and Christians have one origin from the Bible. It was a very educative course.