This course looks at what imperatives can be deducted from the Islamic sources and tradition to provide the modern Muslims with roadmaps for engaging with non-Muslims in general and with Christians in particular, in kind and respectful ways.

Overview of the lessons
In Lesson 1 we consider the negative image among Muslims of Christianity. To what extent do we recognize ourselves in the most common stereotypes? We will review the causes and consequences of these negative images and present some tools to overcome fears and prejudices regarding Christians.
In Lesson 2 we look at what the Quran teaches about dealing with Christians.
In lesson 3 we discuss the basic tenets of Christian faith and will review the main similarities and differences between Islam and Christianity.
In Lesson 4 we visit a local church and have a conversation with the Christians there.
In Lesson 5, we discuss various practical issues that are important in everyday relations between Muslims and Christians.

The course is intended for use in groups of 8-15 people and can be given in people’s homes, mosques or community centers. The course will be led by an experienced teacher. There is plenty of space for group discussion. During the lessons film clips are shown. After each lesson the student will receive a homework assignment.