Approaches to Islam, provides a survey of the historical relationship between the Christian faith and Islam since the 7th century as well as significant interactions between the followers of both faiths. Lessons from the various responses of Christians and Christianity towards Islam and its adherents are highlighted. The particular and most valuable aspect of this course is the identification and the critical evaluation of the diverse approaches and forms of ministry to Muslims in different historical, geographical and cultural contexts. Students will benefit deeply by this exposure to the rich variety of approaches resulting in their ability to formulate their own approach or approaches to Islam and to Muslims especially in Europe- approaches that are consistent both to the spirit and truth of God found in the Bible.

This course is for Christians interested in ministry among Muslims and can be offered at candidate schools, Bible colleges or theological seminaries, to familiarize the students with various ministry models in reaching out to Muslims. The coursebook (200 pages) is available in English. The course assumes a basic knowledge of Islam and some prior contact with Muslims. If you want to study this course online you can sign up via


Course: Approaches to Islam

The course Approaches to Islam as taught by Dr Bert de Ruiter is one of the most helpful and comprehensive courses for anyone seeking to learn how to build bridges with Muslims or for persons who are preparing for their personal careers that involve living, serving and working in Muslim communities.

This course is both academically rigorous and profoundly practical. Dr. Bert de Ruiter utilizes substantial academic as well as relevant multimedia, digital resources in teaching this course. As a person, he is academically equipped and he has vast practical experience derived from many years of ministry to and among Muslims. Dr. de Ruiter is a committed follower of Christ and is genuinely respected by Muslims.

Melvin and Louise Ho

VPE Ministry to Muslims coordinators

Amsterdam Institute of Islamic Studies Coordinators