Goeddoen is genezend

Een barmhartig man is goed voor zichzelf, maar een meedogenloos iemand bezorgt zichzelf verdriet (Spreuken 11: 17, Willibrord vertaling)

 In dit vers worden twee soorten mensen en de consequenties van hun levensinstelling met elkaar vergeleken. Het gaat om een goed en barmhartig persoon tegenover een onbarmhartig, meedogenloos, hartvochtig en wreed persoon.

Er wordt niet gezegd […]

A profile of Islam in Europe does not exist

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Often I’m asked
to speak on the topic of Islam in Europe and
how the church should deal with the presence of millions of Muslims on their

One of the
first things we have to understand is that there is no such thing as Islam in Europe. Of course, Islam is a
religion that is practiced by many […]

My answer to Eurabia: a popular conspiracy theory

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Next month I
hope to speak at a conference in Norway. The organizers have asked
me to speak on the subject of fear of Islam/Muslims among Christians in Europe. Fear of Islam and Muslims is a topic that is close
to my heart, because I believe it is one of the main reasons why Christians do
not share […]

Seeing with our inner eye

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In book The New
Religious Intolerance -overcoming the politics of fear in an anxious age, the
author Martha C. Nussbaum argues that in Europe
we are living in a time of anxiety, ugly fears and suspicions of the majority
people towards the Muslim minorities.

As examples of this new religious intolerance she
points to the banning of the Muslim […]