Christians who want to share the truth about God with their Muslim friends understandably try to encourage them to read the Bible. Unfortunately, many Muslims believe that Jews and Christians have corrupted the books that God has given them. As a consequence, Muslims are hesitant about reading the Bible. Given this antagonism among a large percentage of Muslims towards Christianity in general and the Bible in particular, there is a need to prepare the ground before a Muslim can be persuaded to read the Bible. To stimulate Muslims to read the Scriptures, we need to find common ground between their world view and the Bible. This book argues that we find such common ground in the book of Proverbs. The universal character of the book of Proverbs makes it a useful bridge between the truth of God and those outside the Christian faith, including Muslims. The use of proverbs is very common in many Muslim cultures. God’s wisdom found in the book of Proverbs resembles the content of proverbial sayings in many Muslim cultures.

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