Course Sharing Lives

I  have developed the course Sharing Lives because of the growing “Islamophobia” (fear of Islam and Muslims) among Christians in Europe. Such fear, based upon statements or activities of Muslim extremists, the way Islam is portrayed in the media, what Christians believe about the Qur’an, the persecution of Christians in Islamic countries etc. makes Christians blind for the diversity of Islam and for the attempts of Muslims in Europe to bring their faith and interpretation of the Qur’an in line with life in the secularized western society.

Many Christians are afraid that in the near future Europe will become Eurabia, in which Islamic norms and laws will predominate with many negative consequences for Christians. Although one could give many legitimate justifications for such negative attitude, it nevertheless is not in agreement with the attitude of self-sacrificing live and grace that characterized the life of our Lord Jesus Christ. Therefore the goal of this course is to help students deal with their attitude of fear, suspicion, prejudice towards Islam and Muslims in God’s presence and learn from Him to develop an attitude of grace, without becoming naive. The course book has been translated into twelve languages.

More information about this course can be found on the website:

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